Monday, February 9, 2015

The Last Acolyte by Steven Montano {Cover Reveal}

Guess what I have today??? The great cover for the next awesome book to come from author Steven Montano. I have already read the book and it is freaking amazeballs! Hands down awesome. So make sure you take a look at what's coming up.

Cover Art by Liberty Montano

This cover is so awesome. And absolutely perfect for the story. 

Coming February 27, 2015!!!!

Mercenary. Soldier. Lover.

All in a day’s work.

John Rike will never see his home again, but he’s ok with that. Back on Earth he was nobody, just an anonymous grad student with no personality, no ambition, and nothing that made him stand out.

But after nearly fifteen years in the dangerous and war-torn Auran Galaxy, Rike has become an infamous soldier-of-fortune. An Acolyte of the vicious Bloodthorn Monastery, Rike’s adventures have taken him from the dregs of crime-ridden fringe planets to the deck of the fabled starship Vigilant.

Now Rike has come to the oppressed planet of Sares 6, the latest in a string of worlds subjugated by the vile Taur, where he must track down and kill the man who trained him.

Aided by a mysterious mercenary and faced with the horrors of the Taur’s despicable occupation, Rike soon finds himself in a desperate race against time…because if he fails in his mission, what little he holds sacred will be forever lost.

Embark on the first installment in an all-new space opera/military sci-fi adventure from the author of Blood Skies and The Skullborn Trilogy!

Releases February 27th!

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