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The Sound at the Edge by Angela Day {Review}

Well, it's Tuesday... not really sure what I can say about Tuesday other than it's not Monday. But we are still kicking 2015's butt with another review! Woohoo, 2nd review of the new year. I just have to keep the momentum going. Today I am reviewing book 2 in a YA Fantasy series that I discovered last year and this one is all kinds of fun... plus it has dragons!!! Check out my review.

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


Thane found the power of his Song in time to save his best friend Remi, but in so doing, burned it out. He's left part dragon, part human, and songless to start over again in Sanctum to train himself to control the monster that rages within. Remi comes along and discovers her mother is alive. Trapped in the Shaerealm and held captive, Remi's mother might have found a weapon that could change the balance of power in the realms forever. But Sanctum won't save her. It's up to Remi, Thane, and anyone else they can convince to come with them to break all the rules and bargain with the ancient ones to find a way across the void of space and escape to a world where all the laws of nature have changed. If they succeed they'll reunite a family. If they fail, they and anyone with them will die. And if they can't make the journey in the right way at the right time with the right people, the Weave itself may unravel and drag all their worlds into unmaking.

My Review~

Thane's life hasn't always been easy, but the moment that Remi entered his life easy took on a whole new meaning. Then again so did normal. Thane no longer has just fitting in to worry about, now he has to worry about the Song that he's lost and the fact that he can't get control the dragon that is now a permanent part of him, but that doesn't stop him from putting everything on the line for his best friend Remi. When his friends are in need Thane is the first one in line.

But Thane and Remi are under watchful care of General Gage and the Omega Team at Sanctum, they can't go anywhere or say anything without someone knowing and that's exactly what they don't want. Because what they are planning is not only illegal, it is dangerous, stupid, and very well could get them both killed.

In Sound at the Edge we are taken on an adventure to another world, Shaerealm, where the creatures that walk around are as beautiful as they are dangerous. But that world holds something... someone very special to Remi, her mother, and she will do anything to get her back. And just like most teenagers Remi thinks she knows everything and thinks that Thane and her can sneak into this other world, steal back her mom and sneak away before the bad guys and good guys even know they are gone. Ha! Typical teen. Shows her what she knows. 

Thane knows they can't do it alone so he recruits one person to help. Maybe recruits isn't the right word, more like guilts his roommate Twitch into assisting them on their crazy "rescue" mission. In all their sneaking around they manage to raise the suspicion of the rest of the Omega team and suddenly going to the Shaerealm doesn't seem impossible. The Sound at the Edge has all the players from book 1, The Darkest Day that I loved so much. Brennan, Jaeger, Paka, Charlie, Twitch, and of course Thane. 

The team is much the same team they were in book 1 but this time we get a deeper look at the team and how they operate. No longer is Thane just figuring things out and sneaking around, now he is a part of Sanctum. Every member of the team has a role to play in the story that unfolds and I absolutely love the entire Omega team. Brennan is the cool, calm, and collect lead that sizzles hot just under the collar. He can play hard ball when needed, kicks total butt, but knows how to handle things with finesse. Paka... well she's Paka a totally awesome panther who I definitely wouldn't want to cross. She is definitely the most lethal of the bunch. Then you have Jaeger, the crazy little monkey imp, thing that is absolutely hilarious and out of control. The dynamic between him and Twitch provide some of the best comedy in the entire book. 

Each character in the series has grown since book 1 and author Angela Day is carefully unraveling more of their story. One character that I was immensely pleased to learn more about is Twitch, Omega's tech whiz. In this book we discover exactly what makes him Twitch. We see him out of his element and in his element and we really get to dive deeper into his story, which I am so happy about. 

Of course when talking about characters you can't forget Thane. Poor Thane. That boy has been through so much, but we really get to see Thane come into his own in The Sound at the Edge. He is still a gentle soul, fully giving, that despises lying, but he is learning to stand on his own, learning to trust his own instincts. But... I really don't like the way he let's Remi walk all over him. I really liked her in book 1, but by the time I was done with this one I wanted to smack the crap out of the girl. I blame her for everything that happened in the Shaerealm, for the losses, and for the agreement that Thane has to make in order for them to go there. 

I really hope that opinion changes and that Remi can redeem herself in my eyes, but right now I just don't see it.

The Sound at the Edge was definitely a good book that had me in it's clutches til the end. Angela Day did a great job of creating Shaerealm and bringing it to life. She managed to find the balance between giving enough description to see the world without putting me into a coma. This book was the perfect combination of new and old world. It had lots of action, laughter, fun, creatures, world building, and mystery. 

I still don't have a clue about what's going to happen in the next installment in this series. My mind is going crazy with questions and theories as to exactly how a certain person plays into all this. I don't know if I am supposed to like this person or hate this person. Angela Day definitely has done a good job leaving me a jumbled mess. Bravo!

The Sound at the Edge is a fun piece of fantasy that will take you to other worlds and introduce you to creatures that you otherwise would never meet. It is definitely a story that will leave you guessing and puzzling for more. And did I tell you that it has dragons? Cause it does, awesome ones, that's really all the reason you need to read it! 

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