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Out of Ruins by Michele G Miller {Review}

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“Guilt. A painful, lonely feeling. It seeps into your pores slowly as you go through life day by day. Like a disease, it blackens your heart with thoughts and memories of what you did, or in my case, what you didn’t do.”
Surviving the storm was only the beginning for Jules. Surviving the guilt? That is something only love can help her overcome.

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My Review~

The first book in this series From the Wreckage absolutely killed me. It left me awe inspired and slightly broken. Okay, it left me a lot broken. But I had hope, yes Michele G Miller gave me hope. There was going to be a book 2, EEP! I was giddy and nervous. I found out there was also going to be a book 3.  I bit my nails. My mind was going a hundred miles an hour thinking of all the things that could happen in the next two books. Michele G Miller already ripped my heart out with From the Wreckage and with two more books it opened me up to a lot more. Crap! Yup, crap is right. And heart break happened. Heart break is starting to become my expectation from Michele G Miller. I know when I pick up one her books that I'm going to cry. I know it, yet I read it anyways. I think I sort of enjoy it. Maybe a small part of me is a masochist. Really I think it's that the other part of me that makes me read them. The part of me that sees hope, roots for love, and desires happy ever after.

Either way I was prepared for this one. I knew I was going to get my heart ripped out. What I didn't expect was how it happened. Michele G Miller completely blindsided me. I wanted to punch a hole in the wall the minute I read those hurtful pages. I cried so much I had to re-read pages because I couldn't see. So of course I cried more. It was brutal. But it was beautiful.

Out of Ruins was beautiful in that it was laced with promises of the future and forgotten lives. It gave me hope for that happy ever after. Though there was hope there was still despair, sorrow, and guilt. Jules and West survived that fateful night in Out of Ruins we get to see everything that goes with that. Unfortunately life moves on, and you have to learn to deal with all that happened. Out of Ruins is that story. It is a personal tale of survival and everything that goes with it. Moving on, moving up, getting better, finding hope, and being happy.

Michele G Miller does a phenomenal job of making you not only see this story come to life, but feel it. Every moment of it felt real. I felt every ounce of Jules pain as her story unfolded. I root for her like I would a friend and I wanted to crawl into the book and be a shoulder for her to cry on. And I wanted to crawl into West's head and know his every thought.

The tale of Jules and West is so full of struggle, emotion, and pain there is no way Michele G Miller could have put all this into one book. With her telling of the story it has the chance to unfold naturally. Giving the reader the chance to fully immerse themselves in the story. Allowing them to feel every emotion. See and feel the pain and struggle.

Out of Ruins was a beautiful tale that left me emotionally distraught, torn, angry, and thirsty for more. Michele G Miller filled my heart with happiness and hope and ripped it away from me just when I had stopped looking back. It is a story that despite knowing how it ends, I would read again. I would allow Michele G Miller to rip my heart out, just to live in that book one more time.

For all you happy ever after readers out there. Readers who thrive on the struggle and fight for happiness and love, this book is for you. Seriously, just pick up this series already.

There are so many beautiful moments in Out of Ruins that I had a hard time deciding, so I'm going to give you two.
"God put me there so YOU could save ME." (kindle, loc.2147).
'You can always build something beautiful out of ruins.' This -- you and I -- we are that something beautiful." (kindle, loc. 2214).

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