Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Never Let You Go by Michele G. Miller {Review}

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

Two souls desperate to discover the truth about the past and determined to save their future…

The usual warmth I felt deep in my soul when Xander was near me was beginning to dull. Yet I still remembered the warning: “Be careful, my Princess…you will lose all you love before you can win what you want.”

I could feel it; she hadn’t been here. Two days of hell, riding as fast as we could and only taking small breaks, and yet she had outrun us. How?

A PRINCESS set on regaining her Kingdom and protecting those she loves…
A GUARDIAN who will stop at nothing to find the woman who stole his heart…
An EVIL FORCE who will destroy everything they know in order to have power over all…

The journey continues in Never Let You Go, book two in The Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series.

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My Review

There really isn't much I can say about this book that isn't a spoiler in one way or another. But here is what I can tell you about the story (besides that it's freaking awesome), at the end of Never Let You Fall we know Skye sneaks off to face the new king on her own. Leaving Xander to fear for her life. Xander doesn't give up easily and gives chase as soon as he realizes what danger she's put herself in... and danger is exactly what she get's. But it is not just the danger of losing her life and her kingdom that she has to fight, she also has to fight the danger of losing her heart.

From the second I picked up Never Let You Go I was sucked in to the story of Xander and Skye, instantly pissed at Skye for her decision to leave without her guardian... and within the first few pages I was yelling at my kindle telling Skye that she was being stupid and that she needed to turn her butt around and go back to the safe arms of Xander. But I know she won't do that, it would be too easy and Skye is stubborn. Oh sure she leaves for the right reasons, to protect the ones she loves, but that doesn't make me want to smack her any less. And when her life is put in danger I quickly reminded Skye that she should have listened to me. (But you know, it's a book and she can't hear me so... it was basically me just yelling at my kindle... A LOT!)

By the end of the first ten chapters I was questioning everything that I thought I knew about the story. Like Skye I was confused and wondering which side was truly right and which side I should trust. Luckily we figure that out, but not before wicked wreaks havoc on Skye, her heart and mine. Never Let You Go was one huge emotional mountain after another. Every time I thought my heart was going to get a break, Michele G. Miller went and did something to trip me up. No matter how much I sat staring at my kindle bleary eyed, crying no, no, no, no, like a broken record I loved this story. I needed this story. I needed the characters. Skye's independence and stubbornness. Xander's dependability and pure intent. While I also needed the thirst to hate. I needed to be able to take my anger out on someone in this book and Michele G. Miller definitely gave me that. In fact she gave me quite a few people to hate. Although one I love to hate. I'm sure a lot of people love him, but as a dedicated fan of a certain hot and sexy guardian I cannot betray my heart. Oh sure he is fine and all, strong, loyal, trustworthy.... and all that but he is no XANDER plain and simple. (I know you are all looking at my like I've lost it, but trust me when you read this book it will all fall into place and you will realize the love hate thing).

During the crazy ride of Never Let You Go we learn quite a bit about our wonderful characters. Wonderful things... things that I definitely didn't expect (yea that happens a lot), we see each of the characters grow and face struggles and trials that test who they are and shape who they will forever become. Shocking truths are revealed, secrets are kept, and decisions are made that will impact the very future of every person in Tyalbrook. I still can't get over how topsy turvy this story was. Michele G. Miller really did keep me and my heart guessing until the very end. 

Never Let You Go was and simply is beautiful! It made me question everything I thought I wanted, I knew. It had me tied in knots, it made me cry... A LOT, it made me yell, hate, love, and it left me in total shock! There was no way that I saw that ending coming, no freaking way! The road that this story is headed down is going to be a very twisted and bumpy one indeed. I for one am going to buy a ticket, buckle up and just hang on for the wild ride. Won't you join me in this adventure???

“When everything is crazy, when people are dying, prophecies are being told, friends are becoming enemies and enemies are becoming friends…this is our beacon.” (kindle, loc 4047).

*Sigh* Yea that pretty much sums up this quote for me. I love this moment... and the moment that happens immediately before it, but I can't show you that one. But I think this is a nice tease, don't you want to know what this quote is in reference to? It will knock your socks off!


  1. Great review! Totally understand and feel the same on a certain strong, loyal, trustworthy guy. ;)

    1. Thanks. So glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. One of my best friends is siding with the other guy... breaks my heart! We gotta stick together.