Friday, January 3, 2014

{Review} A Chorus of Wolves by Alex M. Kimmell

*Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

In an uncertain world, we cling to familiar things to make us feel secure: Baseball, a local watering hole, a friendly town sheriff, man's best friend, a nicely landscaped backyard, love... What happens when these safe havens become unsafe? When the familiar turns outlandish and incomprehensible? Come join the choir of surreal dark melodies that lurk in the wilderness of Alex Kimmell's imagination. Six unforgettable tales plus the mind altering first chapters of the upcoming new novel Down the Sunday Hole, where a young boy finds himself shoved beyond the borders of perception.

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My Review

Ever since I was a kid the idea of the creepy tale fascinated me. I was the little kid that snuck out of their room to watch Nightmare on Elm Street and fell in love with the original Amityville Horror movies. So when Alex Kimmell asked me to read his collection of creepy tales I jumped at the chance. 

The idea of turning every day safe havens into something dark, twisted and unpredictable excites me. Let's face it, stories about things that go bump in the night get the adrenaline pumping and the imagination working and A Chorus of Wolves definitely did that for me. I read every story with my heart pumping, adrenaline racing eager to see how Alex Kimmell was going to incite my fear or creep factor, giving me the simple satisfaction of having my mind completely blown. And it did. Alex Kimmell took me back to those dark recess of my mind where my imagination ran away and invented monsters in the shadows. 

A Chorus of Wolves isn't a collection of scary stories, but a collection of stories that allows your imagination to create the creep factor. With every story Alex Kimmell gives the reader just enough fear and ideas to allow the imagination to run wild and create vivid and eerie stories. Not every story is spelled out in black and white with the details of how it happened or why, those details are left up to the reader; to their imagination. It is up to you to fill in the blanks. Think of it like a creepy Mad Libs story where you get to decide the reasons behind the twisted fate. 

But every story is an adventure through the unknown. You never know what you are going to get when you start one of the stories within, but you do know that you will be captivated. Like death calling your name each story grabs a hold of you and beckons you until you have unraveled the tales mysteries. 

A Chorus of Wolves would make a perfect Halloween read and is really a must for anyone looking for that perfect twist on reality. Every story within will feed your over active imagination allowing you to see things from a different, not so happy perspective. Looking for twisted tales? Then you need to add this one to your reading list.

One of my favorite moments from this collection of stories comes from the last story, which is actually a peek into an upcoming book from the author, Alex M. Kimmell, called Down the Sunday Hole. This quote is both haunting and breathtaking.
"Time is an imperfect system of division, sliced into precise seconds, minutes, hours, years... No matter how infinitely we attempt to measure its passing, no matter how intricately wound the tool we use, clocks are not exact. Some moments flash by so quickly they can scarcely be traced. Other moments exist for an eternity." (pdf, pg. 150).

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