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Character Interview: Charlie and Thane from The Darkest Lie by Angela Day

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! And it really is a happy Wednesday, because today I have two very special guests on my blog........and if you love dragons, then trust me you are going to want to stick around!!! Because I have been granted special permission from Sanctum (secret government organization) to interview 2 of its specialists. Now before my guests get here I must inform you that all information shared here today is completely top secret and is for your EYES only! Oh and please, be on your best behavior we really don't want to upset our guests, trust me it would not be pretty.....for anyone!

And now that we got all that technical mumbo jumbo out of the way let's bring in my two special guests! *Opens door*

Danielle: Welcome Thane and Charlie! Thank you so much for agreeing to talk with me today. I have to say that I am extremely excited that you agreed to visit me at my little blog. To have two great forces such as yourselves here is rather humbling to say the least! Anyway, please come in and make yourselves comfortable!

Charlie: Dinnae fash yerself about it. It's so nice tae be here with ye, and thank ye fer having the tadpole and me.

Thane: Yes, um, thanks.

D: All right then, let's get started! Thane, when you first discovered you were a dragon, you took it a little hard to say the least. Can you give us a little idea of what was going through your head at the time? I know it has been a while, but I figured discovering one is a dragon is something that a person doesn't forget.

T: Probably not, but it's only happened to me once, so I can't be sure. Um, going through my head? Mostly I was just freaking out, because that stuff isn't supposed to be real. I kind of thought that maybe I was going crazy, which actually helped, because it was easier to deal with the possibility of being a dragon rather than thinking that I'd lost it so completely that I was imagining this whole world of Sanctum.

C: So ye'd rather be a dragon than be off yer head? Hardly canny there, tadpole. Most folk would fair like tae be one of the ancient and mighty without so much scunning.

T: I'm not whining. It's a lot to take in.

D: So, Thane, it has been a little while since you discovered that you were a dragon. Tell us, how does it feel now? Has it really sunk in yet?

T: It's kind of hard to forget, with these <flexing his dragon claws>. But there are times when I feel normal, like in class or when I'm hanging out with Remi. But everyone in Sanctum has something unusual, and wherever you look you're reminded just how different you have to be to be there. It's still hard sometimes when you come face to face with not being the person you always thought you were. And everything keeps changing so fast, it's hard to keep up. Sometimes I feel like I just can't get my feet under me... wait, what was the question?

C: Are ye ready tae accept yer place as a member of the true royalty of this universe and every other?

D: Has being a dragon sunk in yet.

T: Oh. Um, not really, I guess. It isn't something I think about when I think about me, it still feels more like something that happened to me instead of who I am.

D: And Charlie, we all know that you are proud to be a dragon. Can you tell us a little about why that is?

C: Why in the Weaver's good name would I be anything else? I dinnae have the lad's human upbringings. I was born tae be the king of everything I could see, and the only thing with more power than a dragon is two dragons. Our rule was centuries old when the seven crossed over and humans were barely more than mewling whelps. My flesh and blood he may be, but I cannae fash why the tadpole mopes around so much about it. So lass, if ye were even slightly less lovely than ye are I might be offended at ye for even asking.

T: He's teasing. And he's flirting with you. You can ignore him; Remi always does.

C: Yer bum's out the windae!

T: His accent gets thicker when he's upset, too.

C: <glares at Thane> I believe the bonnie lass isnae done with her questions.

D: *Blushes* Don't worry I will ignore it. I always do! Now, I love dragons, and frankly I think shifting into a dragon is one of the coolest things ever. Can you tell us a little about what it means to be a dragon? How does it feel to harness so much power? And I would love to hear from both of you.

C: I dinnae think she'd be so fashed about being one of us, ye ken, tadpole? Being a dragon is a grand sight more than being a huir of a big lizard. It's about power so vast ye cannae see the ending of it, and being a part of a family so old there wasnae a beginning. The Song the universe sings vibrates in yer core, and with it, ye can reshape worlds. Or destroy them.

D: Thane?

T: <after a pause> I saw this movie once where a guy was standing in a big empty room. The floor crumbled away until he was standing on the edge of a huge hole. When he looked down there was a whirlpool that was so loud he couldn't hear anything else and so fast he couldn't even follow it with his eyes. And then the floor underneath his feet gave way. <another pause> Being dragon-blooded is like being that guy when the floor under his feet was shaking, and you don't know if you'll ever come up again after that fall.

D: Wow! That seems like a pretty scary thing! It must be hard having all that power in you just beneath the surface. Charlie, how do you manage to keep your dragon under control? And have you ever wanted to let your dragon loose on the unsuspecting public?

C: I've not just wanted, I have. Where'd ye suppose stories about dragons come from? Ye've been given a temporary clearance from them Sanctum puddocks and a nod's as good as a wink tae a blind horse, so I'll say; there's many a disaster that ye short lived monkeys believes as was natural that was only one of the ancients having hisself a tantrum. As for keeping it under the table, I find ye interesting tae play with and toys as is shaking with fear dinnae bring the same joy. As well as having no interest my ownself in finding out if a nuclear blast would do me. Yer a long time dead, once yer done with living.

D: Charlie, can you tell us a little about what it was like to discover that Thane was related to you?

C: I wasnae expecting a hatchling, that's a certainty. Most as has some dragon in their veins, if it's blue, comes back tae me. But this lad--he's special. I've not met the Shaeling with the potential for power that he has, nor met a human with such a dragon heart. I dinnae ken why he cannae see it, but he's family. 

D: And Thane, can you tell us what it was like to discover that Charlie was like your great-great-great-great grandfather?

T: I'm glad he didn't kill me. The rest of it, the grandpa thing seemed too far back to really make a difference until we talked about it. Even though we're related, it didn't mean anything until we made the choice to be family. I think that's true for everyone.

C: D'ye see what I mean about the lad being special? Growing up hard isnae easy, but pain'll make ye wise or bitter. One's easier than the other.

D: *Nods* I totally see it Charlie. When most people would have crumbled under the pain, Thane rose, stronger than ever! Now, I am pretty sure that everyone wants to know, what in the world is going to happen now that we know who Remi is? Has that changed anything in your relationship with her or with each other?

C: Are ye asking me or the tadpole? I'm pretty sure ye ken how I feel about it all. He's my grander and she's my love. It'll all work out.

T: I don't like that she doesn't know about all this. She isn't going to be happy with either one of us when she finds out that we know. I still think we should tell her who she is.

C: Ye promised, lad. We cannae tell her because knowing something like that robs us of choice. Besides, she's thrawn like a whole clan of womenfolk; she's like tae do the opposite of whatever ye expect just because ye expect it. We have to let her discover what she wants herself.

T: I'm not going to lie to her. She's my best friend.

C: Right then, tadpole, if she asks "Am I the phoenix-souled true love of that gorgeous stallion Charlie?" then ye can tell her aye. Shiny?

T: <eye roll> 

D: Uh, anyway....Sanctum seems like a pretty cool place to go to school. Can you tell us what a typical day is like there? I promise that whatever you tell us, will stay within this blog, this is a very secure little bubble.

T:  A typical day? I haven't been there long, but usually I wake up when Twitch's alarm clock shoots him around seven. Then I try not to shred any of my clothes while I'm getting dressed and head to the cafeteria to eat. I hang out until Remi gets there and go through the line with her and all her friends. Then we have classes, I have Axial Era History and then Physics with Remi and then P.E. on my own. They put me in a starter class with students who don't have a lot of Song access so I won't get injured too much until my Song heals. Then lunch, then Pre-Calc, Programming, Beginner Weapons, and then I signed up for a Theory of Song class. I thought it would be like my AP Music Theory class, but it's totally different. Then a few hours of homework before dinner, and a couple more hours until curfew, although Twitch says they're considering adding a Self-Defense class after dinner.

D: And I take it no other teachers have tried to kill since you started at Sanctum? Despite Sanctum being a rather dangerous place to be, after all you did come close to death on more than one occasion on your short first visit.

C: <laughing>  Tell her.
T: <blushing> He didn't try to kill me. It was an accident.
C: The hard sciences are not yer friend, tadpole.

D: Now you have to tell us. What happened?

T: We were doing an experiment about the third law of motion, the equal and opposite reaction thing, and he was teaching us to use bows and arrows and showing us how the arrow went further if we pulled the string back harder...

D: You got shot?

T: No, but my arrow went further than he thought it would and I shot a beaker off the chemistry lab table and it kind of exploded and caused a chain reaction that might have almost burned down that half of the building.

D: You're not serious.

C: That crabbit dominie had a face like a burst melodian, hopping and cursing 'til his face was blue. He shouldnae underestimated a dragon. We're as like tae burn and eat it as tae take notes in class.

D: On that note, what do dragons eat? Just curious, I imagine they don’t eat Dorito’s or tacos….or do they? Does the whole shifting thing affect that? Hmmm…

C: Och, aye. The Song of the shifting isnae only on the surface- dragons can shift as they can change the tune of their strings from the smallest tae the greatest. When I look as a man I am as a man, and I can feed on the things that sustain ye, as disgusting as some of it is. When I am my ownself as a dragon it's more the meat and the bone I crave. I was drawn tae the Scots centuries ago because I tried haggis, and that's more a dragon food than a human one. Plus I'm irresistible in a kilt.

T: <facepalm>

D: Thane, when we first met you, you thought that you were pretty average, and preferred to be invisible. Have your opinions changed? If so, why?

T: When you spend your whole life believing that you're nothing special, and then you find out you're extraordinary, you'd think it would make a huge impact. But I went from being Shae-blooded surrounded by songless to being pretty much songless and surrounded by Shae. I don't know if I can be anything but average, because I still feel average. But... I have friends, now. I have family. I know that how alone I felt was a lie. So yeah, I guess they've changed. I still feel like I'm nothing really important, but I feel like maybe I'm important to other people. That feels like a big change, for me.

D: Okay, last question……can you take me for a ride? My kids would die if they found out I got ride a real dragon. And I am pretty sure I would be the envy of all my blogging friends!

C: I think you'd best buy me dinner first, lass. But Sanctum cleared ye for this interview and my instructions were tae be helpful, and I cannae think of a thing that would piss them off more. I'm in!

D: *Jumps out of chair throws fists in the air* Woohoo! *Sits back down* I mean, thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, it really was an honor to have both of you!! 

Now my fellow book lovers if you will excuse me I have a dragon to ride!! *Drops everything and runs out the door after Charlie and Thane*

The Darkest Lie by Angela Day

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Make sure you check out this awesome book and prepare to be blow away!! 

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